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Johor Bahru Community Portal is a Malaysian portal designed to provide information on the capital of southern Malaysian state of Johor. Located very near to southern neighbor of Singapore, Johor Bahru is a modern city which exudes a lot of activities from morning till night. Due to the fact that Johor Bahru is a very modern city, it lacks in the more traditional attractions but still cannot be discounted as it is the entry point for those coming and going to Singapore.
Johor Bahru Community Portal is the ideal venue where you can find the most relevant and comprehensive information of the city. Divided into four districts, known as JB North, JB South, JB East and JB West. The south is mainly the most busy part of the city where it is the where the causeway connecting Malaysia with Singapore is located. The north is the entry point where other parts of Peninsular Malaysia comes from while the West which is the biggest districts is hosted by Skudai and the opposite side of the East is the port city where Pasir Gudang is located.

Johor Bahru has over 1 million people and to many is pretty messy because of the busy city center that is often visited by Singaporeans who come here during weekends and other days either for business or leisure.

Johor bahru Community Portal provides an in-depth information on the most up to date JB happenings as well as a directory of the commercial quarters of Johor Bahru. As a member of the JBcommunity you can be sure to have such information at your fingertips.

Johor Bahru Community

JB portal has a community like section where it includes a businesses Listing Section which is categorized among sections like JB food and beverage, JB hotels, shopping malls, and even saloons and nail bars. We provide the most comprehensive guide to all the products and services provided for in Johor Bahru and it will be a great place to start looking if you need anything in JB.


This section provides you with the information on issues of Johor Bahru like its history, the Sultan of Johor, how the city came about as well as on various other relevant issues. Browse this section if you would like to find out more about the city and where to find what in JB.

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